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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET A Note to Readers When Evette declares, “Only kids with a baby sister can come to my birthday,” she sets off a zigzagging, one-of-a-kind conversation around the snack table. The children’s exchange is filled with creativity, humor, negotiation, cooperation, and problem solving. These skills, among many others, contribute to young children’s healthy development and learning. During casual conversations, like those at snack- or mealtimes, children have the opportunity to learn new words and turn taking while telling stories and giving explanations. Adults can assist the development of children’s communication skills by listening attentively, letting the children take the lead, and following along with brief interjections and questions. We hope Evette’s Invitation inspires conversation with the children in your life! Have fun talking with—and listening to—one another. COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL