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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET A Note to Readers What does it mean to be friends with someone? Bree thinks it’s fun to dig in the dirt, especially when she finds worms. Johanna likes digging for worms too. The girls discover they share the same interest and begin to become friends. Children have a variety of interests, and often several children enjoy the same things. Their friendships grow out of interests they share. Young children need time to explore their interests and to decide for themselves who is a friend and who is not. You can help by letting children take the lead. Acknowledge that children have different styles and temperaments, which may mean that a child has a lot of friends, just one friend, or no friends. Regardless, you can help all children learn how to positively interact with peers and to expect a positive outcome from their interactions. We hope Bree Finds a Friend helps children understand that common interests are one of the things that bring people together. It’s fun to do things you like, especially with a friend. COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL