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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET A Note to Readers “I’m making a show! Do you want to help?” says Ari, and the day begins. As this story unfolds, children learn about all the fun things they can do and learn as they experience the routine of a typical day in child care. The morning begins as children arrive and greet one another. At morning meeting, they share ideas and hear about the day’s schedule. Then they’re off to play and learn throughout the day. At home and in child care, a regular daily routine is good for young children. It provides security, predictability, and consistency—three things children need to help them feel in control. You lead the way by providing a safe and stimulating environment with smooth transitions and minimal interruptions. Don’t forget to talk with children about their day’s activities and to celebrate their accomplishments. We hope All in One Day helps children new to child care get an idea of what their day might be like. We hope children already in child care will recognize a familiar schedule and say, “Hey, we do that too!” COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL