Acknowledgments I want to extend my gratitude to several individuals at Catherine Cook
School—Jean Robbins, Max Weinberg, Cory Stutts, Michael Roberts, Rachel
Pujol, and Stacy Shafer Peterson for their ongoing support and encouragement
in the process of developing this book. They have always been available for an
impromptu drop-in from me for advice.

I would also like to recognize the tremendous and generous flexibility
Redleaf has offered. David Heath and Kara Lomen have been extremely helpful
along the way, and I am truly grateful. Danny Miller, my editor for this book,
was a great collaborator; I appreciate his time and effort making this book what
it has become.

Kyra Ostendorf was my editor for my first book and has ever since
remained a good friend and colleague. I want to underscore how much I value
her encouragement and support over the past several years.

I want to thank David Recksieck for his ongoing support and flexibility as
this book was pulled together near the end. I truly appreciate his attention to
detail and creative eye. His last-minute efforts were helpful more than he will
ever know. High five and a hug!
I want to acknowledge all of those whom I mention or referred to in this
book, as they have influenced me in some positive way as I developed the
concept and approach for this book: Ashley Marentette, Laura Freidman, Peter
Pizzolongo, Barb Gander, Barb Chaney, Rachel Hill, Amanda Burns, Barb
Fisher, Lauren Goldberg, Amanda Beights, Michael Linn, Filippo Yacob, Elisa
Gall, Sandra Kane, Jean Robbins, April Lutes, Kate Cherry, Sammi Littel, and
Malcolm Scott.

My daughter, Lydia, has been a great help, as she has been my in-house
laboratory with trying out applications, devices, and other resources. Her smile
and positive attitude have always provided me with such encouragement. I also
want to acknowledge her mom, Emily Gill, who was extremely supportive in
the initial phases of this book. This book would not exist without her.