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CHAPTER T WO DOUBLE TAB TO ZOOM ON PHONE OR TABLET the top of the images to identify where and what should be placed on the loft to turn it into a rain forest. Next, the students were to take their planning a step further and write down what materials around the room could be used to create those items. For example, if a child thought a river should be made for the bottom of the loft, the child needed to deter- mine what classroom materials could be used to create it. After the children had drawn their sketches, made their plans, and gathered their materials, they broke into groups or pairs and got to work. This experience provided children with the opportunity to use their own interest as a guide for learning. Supporting Learning: In this process, the students were invited to explore an interest in the rain forest. Their natural curiosity led them to utilize all sorts of resources to conduct research. They learned about the layers of the rain forest, common animals and insects, the climate, bodies of water, and types of 26 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL