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DOUBLE TAB TO ZOOM ON PHONE OR TABLET INTRODUC TION My hope is that each teacher or administrator will use this book differently and in a way that best suits his needs. Good luck on your journey of trying new things and providing new experiences! •  •  • MEDIA CONSENT Many of the strategies provided in this book direct you to take photo- graphs and videos of children. In several cases, these strategies include ways to share the photographs and videos with others. Before you share photographs or videos of children, consult with your administrator to ensure that all necessary media consent forms are on file for the children. If consent forms are not on file, ask your administrator to provide one for you to have families sign. Explain to families how you plan to use photographs and videos. Be sure to include how you may use them to share how and what children have learned. The administration should keep signed consent forms on file each year from participating families. COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL 9