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INTRODUC TION DOUBLE TAB TO ZOOM ON PHONE OR TABLET technology in his classroom. Mr. Silverstein is comfortable trying new things in his classroom. He feels confident teaching mathematics but feels like he has areas of improvement with teaching early literacy. HOW MR . SILVERSTEIN CAN USE THIS BOOK: He begins reading chapter 1 and is reminded that if he is going to focus on an area of opportunity in his teaching that he cannot lose focus of the other important classroom experi- ences that require planning. He then moves on to chapter 4, which explores how to integrate technology in early literacy experiences. After reading this chapter, he gets a few ideas that he can try with the resources he has available to him. He begins with his five classroom iPads to introduce the idea of enjoying familiar books with an enhanced e-book experience. READER 2: Ms. Goel DESCRIPTION: Ms. Goel is a kindergarten teacher with thirty students and no classroom assistant. Her families are generally supportive of her using technol- ogy in the classroom, but at times she receives comments from some families wondering if she was using technology to simply entertain the class while she worked with other children. Ms. Goel is open to trying new things in her class- room but gets frustrated with where to start, given the lack of support she has. HOW MS. GOEL CAN USE THIS BOOK: After reading chapter 1, she moves to chapter 7, which explores social studies. She is interested in determining how she can involve her families in the classroom and also show them how she is using technology in ways that are exciting, intentional, and rooted in curricu- lum. She learns about the idea of a secret e-reader. (An e-reader, in the context of this book, is an individual who shares a read-aloud with a group of students remotely using video conferencing software or applications.) She reaches out to a few parents with relatives who live in other states. After some conversation, she finds three family members who live out of state and who are interested in using Skype to read a story virtually to the class. Ms. Goel invites family mem- bers to come and be part of the surprise e-reader experience. After three secret e-reader events, she receives a few comments from some parents, acknowledg- ing how nice it was to be able to bring those family members into the classroom virtually and how much the children enjoyed the experience. 8 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL