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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM ON PHONE OR TABLET ASSESSMENT WHAT TO LOOK FOR RELATED COMMENTS/QUESTIONS Children will examine the birds’ nests to deter- mine what materials they are made from. What materials do you see in the nest? Let’s make a list. Did we leave out anything? Children will compare materials used in various nests. Are there any differences in the materials used in these two nests? I see twigs in both of them. Children may notice that the nests differ in size. Do you think bigger birds build bigger nests? Let’s see if our books can answer that question. Older children may copy the word cards that correspond to what they observe in the nests. You can draw a picture of the nest in your science journal and copy the words for the nest materials. ELEMENTS OF SCIENTIFIC INQUIRY Observe: Children will observe the nests to determine the materials in them. Measure: Children may compare the sizes of the nests. Communicate: Children will describe and write about the materials they find in the nests. COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL LIFE SCIENCE—ANIMALS   71