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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM ON PHONE OR TABLET ACTIVITY 1.1 Comparing Types of Soil 12   DESCRIPTION STANDARDS Most children like to play in the dirt, but they seldom have the opportunity to compare dif- ferent types of soil. In this activity, children examine and compare three different types of soil: sand, potting soil, and clay soil (or another soil common to the school’s environment). Plastic bins of the various soils can be displayed in the sensory table or the science area. By touching, sifting, and digging in the dirt, as well as by carefully looking at the soils with a magnifying glass, children can observe similarities and dif- ferences among the soils. Their observations can be compiled into an individual or a class book about soil. Next Generation Science Standards, Kindergarten – K-PS2 Motion and Stability: Forces and Interactions (Physical Sciences) CHAPTER 1 With guidance, plan and conduct an investigation in collaboration with peers. Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework – Scientific Reasoning (Scien- tific Inquiry) Uses observational tools to extend the five senses, such as a magnifying glass, microscope, binoculars, or stethoscope. COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL