“Dr. Schein has written an extraordinary book. It contains essential elements,
important research, and actionable ideas for intentionally supporting children’s
spiritual development—the missing link for creating a better world. It’s a timely
and important topic that all teachers and parents of young children need to read.

I highly recommend it.” —Patti Bailie, PhD, assistant professor, Early Childhood
Education, University of Maine–Farmington
“Inspiring Wonder, Awe, and Empathy is a monumental addition to the field of early
childhood education. Schein has fitted the missing piece of the puzzle to the devel-
opment of the whole child by defining spirituality as ‘reflecting deep connections
and moments of wonder.’ Dr. Schein makes us comfortable with the word and gives
us the language and tools to bring this universal experience to any setting in any
environment.” —Robyn Hurvitz and Lynne Lieberman, director of professional
development and senior director, Friedman Commission for Jewish Education
“In an almost magical way, Dr. Schein weaves strands of research with personal
stories to illustrate how spiritual development unifies and energizes all other areas
of child development. Readers will find in this engaging book new insights into
spirituality and how it’s manifested in children’s everyday discoveries and interac-
tions. While Inspiring Wonder, Awe, and Empathy addresses a serious topic, it
will leave readers feeling uplifted.” —Ruth Wilson, PhD, research library curator,
Children and Nature Network, author of Learning Is in Bloom and Nature and
Young Children