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DOUBLE TAB TO ZOOM ON PHONE OR TABLET of each child in your classroom and to determine which of the social-studies ac- tivities in this book to use. The observation forms can be used with the activities to document infant-toddler learning behaviors and to help inform your future social-studies planning. These forms are designed to be used with an individual child or with several children. To support you, the infant-toddler caregiver, there are also infant-toddler teacher self-assessments and a caregiver professional development plan avail- able at These resources are designed to help you build advanced knowledge and skills through self-assessment and self-determined professional development planning. I recommend that you complete the self-assessments every three to six months and plan, schedule, and complete pro- fessional development activities during the time between assessments. Using this time frame will not only help you acquire more advanced knowledge and skills but will also create a record of ongoing professional development. It is with sincere recognition and gratitude for the important work that you do with infants, toddlers, and families that I have written this book. I know that your efforts benefit not only the children and families in your care but also our communities and society as a whole. My admiration for the care and teaching that you provide every day to young children is woven into the fabric of this book. I hope that you find the social-studies activities beneficial to your program and that each child in your care develops to his full capabilities through their use. I wish you the best as you continue to develop your infant-toddler professional knowledge and skills over the course of your career. Introduction   xv COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL