Large Play
Recyclable/ Repurposed
Additional Tools/
Bases Commercial Toys/
Gifts *
Log rounds or
stumps for stacking,
tires, boards,
wooden spools,
webbing, lumber,
pallets, logs, ropes
and carabiners
Containers with lids, bread
clips, pvc pipes, nuts and
bolts, electrical wires,
marettes, twist ties, buckles
and snaps from discarded
items, velcro from old
clothes, broccoli elastics,
straws Hammer, tape, glue, twine,
rope, yarn, bungee cords,
hooks, chains, cable ties,
latches and fasteners,
tongs, webbing, flannel,
stapler, safety pins, contact
paper, magnetic surface,
corkboard Knex, gear sets, slot-a-
shape builders, magnet
builders, unifix cubes,
Ring-a-ma-jigs, Goldie Blox,
Straws & connectors, bristle
blocks, Magneatos, puzzles,
Snap Circuits, Brik-a-blok,
Mecanno Jr., train sets,
Barrel of Monkeys, snap
together beads
Giant cardboard
boxes, haystacks,
snowbanks, bal-
loons, sand, stacks
of tissue boxes
Telephone books for
stacking and knocking
over, magazines for cutting,
egg cartons, bubble wrap,
crushable cans and bottles,
corks, used electronics,
knitted articles to unravel
Mortar and pestle, safety
knives, safety scissors,
hammer, clippers, pliers,
mallet, saw, screwdrivers,
hole punches, fly swatters
Battat Take-Apart sets,
toy demolition vehicles,
silly putty, excavation kits,
magnet builders, Unifix
cubes, wooden block sets,
“Thin Ice” game, “Scratch
Magic” art
Planks, cable
spool, skate ramp,
platforms, ladder,
chairs, yoga ball,
slide, sled, rain gut-
ters, a pair of trees
and physio band
for giant slingshot,
pliable birches (for
swinging), pool
noodles Pipes, scarves, plastic
bottles (for rockets), paper
towel tubes, broccoli elas-
tics, springs, plastic spoons,
buckets for ball toss, boxes
for crash zone, inner tubes,
film canisters, boxes and
cartons for knocking down
Hammers, saws, mortar
and pestle, targets, hoops,
mini zip lines, fans, launch
pad, balcony, antacids and
vinegar for rockets or “pop
the top”, open field or water
for throwing natural loose
parts Hot Wheels tracks, catapult
kit, marble run, trebuchet
kit, construction sets with
ramps, rocket building kits,
boomerang, propeller toys,
Frisbees, kites, Skyro-
copter, Stomp Rockets,
Micro Shotz, soda rockets,
“Perfection” game