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DOUBLE TAB TO ZOOM ON PHONE OR TABLET Loose Parts and Intelligent Playthings Categorized by Schema 225 Large Play Recyclable/ Repurposed Additional Tools/ Bases Commercial Toys/ Gifts * Wood pallets, mud kitchen, landscaping tools, rake, shovel, loose bricks, large cardboard boxes, paint rollers Styrofoam heads, fabric remnants, boxes, paper tubes, binder clips, wrap- ping paper, old clothes, jewelry, egg cartons, cheese wax, empty K-cups, bread tabs, elastics, rubber bands, twist ties, fashion dolls or plastic toys with faces/paint removed Mirrors, Plexiglas, spatulas, rakes, mixing spoons, squeeze bottles, spray bottles, mashers, mortar and pestle, rolling pin, cake pans, light table, plastic bin, water basin, flashlight, magnifying glass Mr. Potato Head, doll clothes, building sets, Lite Brite, Magnatiles, Light & Color kits, Thermal reactive toys, Plasticine, Creature builders, Rock Tumbler, Color & Cuddle washable toys, shrinky dinks Plastic culvert pipe, large concrete form, ladders, stools, rope hammock, lycra sling, jungle gym, tree house, cave, barrel, Twister game, large felled tree, cornstalks, trees for climbing, caves Telephone books for stack- ing / climbing, overturned buckets, pvc pipes, CD’s, sunglasses, transparent bottles, old maps, coffee cans, dental mirrors, sun- glasses, colored lenses, everyday objects cut open or turned inside out. Mats for laying on, puppet theatre, magnifying glass, compass, loupe, flashlights, shovels, hangers and hooks (for building downwards), overhead projector Brik-a-blok, Crazy Forts, stilts, microscope, tele- scope, camera, binoculars, periscope, pop-out tunnel, tent, jungle gym, kaleido- scope, sky projector, 3D puzzles, rocking horse, magic kit, fly-eye replicator, acrylic blocks Stacks of tires or logs, planks, fallen branches, trunks for fort building, facing mirrors, room full of chairs to arrange, trunk cut into rounds, stacks of milk crates, stacks of hula hoops, bricks, pallets Bottle caps, bread bag clips, backspash tiles, k-cups, corks, CD’s (broken for mosaic tiles), toilet paper tubes, marker caps, cheese wax, industrial waste prod- ucts in large quantities, nuts and bolts, twist ties, any- thing that can be collected in large amounts Canvas, grout, clay, cement, measuring tools, timers, mirrors, camera, mesh, gridwire, grid paper, resin or mod podge, glue, mortar and pestle, floral foam, flower press, containers for collecting Bunchems, Keva / Kapla / Citi blocks, craft kits (Cross stitch, rug hooking, friend- ship bracelets, etc.), snow- block molds, origami paper, paint by number, rainbow loom, perler beads, wool roving for felting, perler bead sets, Lego, collectables Hollow logs, garbage cans, oil buckets, fence posts and sticks, echoey stairwells, hula hoop, skipping rope, pogo stick, yoga ball, 2 x 4’s made into a giant xylophone, large garbage bins, corre- gated roofing Bottle caps, plastic easter eggs (for shakers), rubber bands, pipes, cardboard tubes, corregated materials, plastic water bottles, mason jar lids, pie plates, vacuum cleaner tubing, plastic buck- ets, tennis ball cans, yogurt containers, bubble wrap, gloves with washers and but- tons attached to the fingers, metal measuring tape Earmuffs (for other children), audio recorders, micro- phone, megaphone, stetho- scope, speakers, computer or tablet Zube Tube, musical instruments, metal slinky, rainstick, Makey Makey, slide whistle, Euler’s Disk, gong, percussion toys from around the world, noise- makers, Boomwhackers Excerpted with permission from Michelle Thornhill, © 2015. COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL