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DOUBLE TAB TO ZOOM ON PHONE OR TABLET Loose Parts and Intelligent Playthings Categorized by Schema Additional Tools/ Bases 223 Commercial Toys/ Gifts * Large Play Recyclable/ Repurposed Lattice, fencing, soil, sand, shovels, picks, hoes, augers, knotty pine boards, milk crates, post hole diggers, peg boards, loosely knit blankets, wine rack, windows, ladders, tunnel, para- chute, finish lines, swinging doors, leaf strainer for gutters, milk crates Pieces of Styrofoam packaging, foam insulation, cardboard boxes, bits of grid wire, chicken wire, tomato cages, bird cages, carpet pieces, paper tubes, straws, bits of discarded shirts with buttons and but- tonholes, bubble wrap, wire, twist tiles, rope, elastics, pegboard, industrial waste sheets with holes from punched out objects Hammer, drill, screwdriver, rubber mallet, tent pegs, tweezers, pliers, hole punches, shape punches, brads, spades, hand drills, weeding tools, dibbers, skewers, nut crackers, stapler, cookie cutter, fork, garlic press, lemon juicer, tracing wheel Honey Bee Tree game, Kerplunk, peg stackers, hammer and peg set, weaving loom, Lite-Brite, Mr. Potato Head, lacing toys, rug hooking kit, stretchy mouse and cheese toy Pylons, cable spools, freestanding poles and trunks for circling, hula hoop, merry-go-round, barrel, tetherball, bridges, balance beam, trees, banks and boulders for circumnavigating, bungee cords, thick ropes Paper towel tubes, chicken wire, dye-sub printer ribbon, rubber bands, pantyhose or balloons cut into rings, flexible tubing, dryer vent hose, dish drying (peg) rack, necklace and ring holders Peg board or nail board, loom, clusters of trees, poles or columns, hedge- rows, winches and pulleys, hat tree, peg racks Spirograph, stencils, string art set, circuit sets, maze toys, yo-yo, string top, diablo, friendship bracelet kits, weaving kits, plush snake, race car track, slinky, Plinko board Wheelbarrow, yard cart, barrel, shopping cart, large backpack, sack, wagon, sled, stroller, laundry basket, trol- leys, dollies, carts, sled, stroller, ride-on toys, cardboard box Plastic containers, buckets, cardboard boxes, Easter baskets, reusable grocery bags, milk jugs, milk crates, used purses, cloth sacks, corks, rubber bands, bread ties, caps, corks Scoops, tongs, funnel, shovel, spade, scoops, tool belt, clips, pulleys, clothes- line, carabiners, hooks, skateboards, felt pads for furniture Hungry Hippos, toy cargo vehicles, diggers, dump trucks, Trunki, lunch boxes, back pack, mini shopping cart, mini wheelbarrow, wagon, ride-on toy with storage, bike basket, mini figures, toy garage with elevator, toy boats Large hollow blocks, crates, cable spools, pallets, bricks, cardboard boxes, furniture, ladders, barrels, branches, tires, logs, cords of wood, stepping stones, Twister Bread bag clips, cups, nest- ing cups, leftover kitchen/ bath tiles, taped up boxes, empty bottles, sensory bottles, cardboard tubes, K-cups, solo cups, tissue boxes, paint swatches, plastic subfloor or silicone pyramid mat (hole side up) Mirrors, empty frames, tray with ledge, flat bottomed cake pans, shallow boxes, ice cube trays, light box, yard stick, muffin tins, T-square, level, ruler, equal arm scales, plumbline, geometry set Snap Circuits, Froebel gift sets, tangrams, Lego, Jenga, geometric shape builders, inset puzzles, wooden peg board toys, mosaic kits, bowling set, nesting dolls, Citiblocs, Kat- amino blocks, Kapla, KEVA, Rush Hour game, dinky cars, parking garage COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL