Balancing Act: Noodle Fun
Ages How To
• Infants Model for children how to balance the noodle
horizontally in the palm of your hand, then have
the children balance the noodle horizontally in
one hand. Toddlers may want to use two hands
at first. Explain how they need to place one
hand in the middle of the noodle to stabilize it.

Have them walk around the room. Next, model
for them balancing a noodle vertically in one
hand; this will require more concentration and
balance. Remind them that they can use their
other hand for stability. Have the children
walk around trying to balance the noodle in
one hand. Explain to the children how they are
“balancing” the noodle in their hands.

• Toddlers • Twos
STEM Concepts
• Science (Physical science, Life science)
• Technology • Engineering
• Math Learning Outcomes
Children will gain experience with balance as
they experiment with how to keep something
upright and balanced.

Teaching Tips
Hint: The smaller the noodle the easier it will
be for children to balance. Children will be
focused on the noodle(s) in their hands, so be
sure there is plenty of open space that is free
of obstacles for children to practice balancing.

This is a fun activity to do outside.

Children experiment with balance and motion
as they learn how to adjust their bodies to main-
tain balance of an object while moving.

Materials • foam pool noodles
• scissors
Getting Ready
Cut noodles into four equal pieces. For older
children, cut one noodle in half.