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DOUBLE TAB TO ZOOM ON PHONE OR TABLET TABLE WORK • Make a color wheel. Give each child a teaspoon of washable tempera paint in each primary color on the appropriate place on the color wheel. One step at a time, instruct them to mix two primary colors to create a secondary color until the color wheel is complete. • Make a color spinner (see instructions below). • Provide color bears traced on construction paper. Children will cut out bears and tape them to popsicle sticks. Make 3 or 4 at TABLE WORK. Encourage them to complete the set during FREE CHOICE PLAY. WEEK 2 • Journal: Have children copy their favorite color from the index card (CIRCLE TIME ACTIVITY). Decorate the page with the appropriate color. * TIP • Reproducible: Pet Graphing * HOW TO: Make a Color Spinner Use only crayons to color in the journal. Coloring with markers can bleed through the page. 1 You will need: • A sheet of card stock, large enough to cut out a 5" circle. • A pencil with a point. 2 Teacher, trace a 5" circle for each child on card stock, then draw two lines to divide the circle into four equal parts. (1) Have the children color the circle with two primary colors— coloring each of the two sections across from each other the same color. (2) Then cut out the circle. (3) Carefully punch a hole in the center. (4) Poke a short pencil through the hole and spin it like a top. The two colors will visually mix together, creating a secondary color (for example, blue and yellow will appear green while the disk is spinning). COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL 3 4 21