Circle Time Activities
Interactive Charts
and Props
• Discuss: Living things vs. nonliving things
(living things grow, need food, sometimes
move, etc.)
• Create your own Parts of the Body Chart
(parts to be learned are listed below)
• Discuss: Living things grow and change
(What can babies do? / What can Pre-K
children do?)
• Review parts of the body with a Parts of the
Body Chart. Sing: “Parts of the Body Song”
• Create you own Find My Dog House
Chart • Animals to make stencils
Body Parts To Learn
Big dog, small dog
Short dog, tall dog
Can you find a house
for me?
The body parts that should be
learned are:
mouth eyes nose
feet hair tongue
teeth hands ears
head legs arms
fingers thumbs toes
neck stomach chest
back knees chin
fingernails heels elbows
shoulders ankles jaw
hips wrists TIP
2 Make stencils of the traced animals
for cutting practice so they can be
used at the easel in WEEK 2.

• Read the Big Book: The One and Only
Special Me by Rozanne Williams.

• Have students look in a mirror to find their eye
and hair color, then talk about how they are
alike and different.

• Take inventory of the pets in the DRAMATIC
PLAY Pet Store. Also use this activity to give
expectations for daily clean-up.

• Discuss how animals help people. (Guide
dogs, canine unit in Police Department, horses
for transportation and farm work, etc.)