D"$4%G""$4%A(04 ! %A/-(%!1#2'4
!"#$%&'()%*+%(#&,% -./$).$,%()0%"1&0""#%
23(4%/0$(- Identify and create engaging, child-
centered environments that allow
for hands-on learning. These ideas
will help you promote a variety
of art, science, and outdoor play
opportunities. Age focus: 3–8.

Softbound, 132 pgs.

567%'()0-8")% (.&/9/&4%/0$(-
The highly anticipated
sequel to The Ooey Gooey®
Handbook, this resource
shares 140 activities, art
ideas and recipes, and
sensory tub concoctions.

Age focus: 3–8. Softbound,
204 pgs.

(E-book #543826 $24.95)
ESS Ooey Gooey® Tooey
#663436 $24.95
Discover why playing IS school readiness with this
updated guide from the Ooey Gooey Lady ® , Lisa
Murphy. Timely research and new stories highlight how
play is vital to the social, physical, cognitive, and spiritual
development of young children. Learn the “what” and
the “why” of “The
Seven Things”
caregivers should
do with children
every day. As play
is forced out of
early childhood
environments over cries for
more academic
preschools, understanding that
children’s learning
happens through
play is more
important than
ever. Age focus:
0–8. Softbound,
192 pgs.

Lisa Murphy on Play,
Second Edition
#544410 $24.95
Even More Fizzle, Bubble,
Pop and Wow!
#543772 $19.95
ESS Q7%-/;23$%-./$).$%
$R2$#/;$)&- LEAF
Excite young learners
with more than 80 simple
science experiments that
promote learning in fun
and unique ways. Each uses
supplies that you probably
already have in your
classroom or kitchen. Age
focus: 3–12. Softbound,
120 pgs.

:(9$%(3;"-&%<+%='$)%4"1%>14%&'$%-$& One copy each of The Ooey Gooey® Handbook, Ooey
Gooey® Tooey, Even More Fizzle, Bubble, Pop and Wow!,
and Lisa Murphy on Play.

Ooey Gooey Set
#663430 $85.95
?()%"@ %A/-(%!1#2'4B%
C'""-$%@#";%56%DDEF% GDDEF H %IJI-%()0%
9/$=%-(;23$%9/0$"%.3/2-%")3/)$% >4%-.())/)K%&'$%LM%."0$%"#%9/-/&
M$03$(@N#$--O"#KPA/-(%!1#2'4 70
LEAF (E-book #544427 $24.95)
(E-book #543789 $19.95)
G$&%(33%56%IJI-%@#";% D"$4%G""$4%A(04%
A/-(%!1#24 PR
(E-book #543802 $24.95)
ESS The Ooey Gooey® Handbook
#543796 $24.95
N3(4%/-%&'$%@"1)0(&/")%"@ %3$(#)/)K
Each DVD approximately 60 minutes.

Ooey Gooey DVD Set
#540018 $670.00
Call 1-800-423-8309 to Order

R This popular child-centered, integrated curriculum addresses five important early learning areas: math, art, music, science, and
reading and writing. Each book offers answers to questions you often ask and includes instructions and illustrations for more
than 100 hands-on activities. Ideal for new teachers and inclusive classrooms.

ESS /&*-(0"'1'$2#3'&*-,,'*)#-$&-. &14$526-$&4*)#3#)#'2
LEAF 743'&(-"'&)14$&89:&-$&)1'&;-(0,')'&<-"'&=14$>>>7'"#'2&
#436701 $143.95
More Than Counting, Standards Edition now reflects
early learning standards from the National Council of
Teachers of Mathematics.

More Than
Magnets, Standards
Edition Discovering Music
in Preschool and
Kindergarten Softbound,
272 pgs.,
and CD, 75 min.

Science Activities
for Young Thinkers
Softbound, 320 pgs.

#305001 $29.95
#545165 $34.95
Book +
(E-book #545172
$34.95) (E-book #540641
$29.95) More Than
Letters More Than
Painting Literacy Activities
for Preschool,
Kindergarten, and First Grade
Exploring the
Wonders of Art
in Preschool and
Kindergarten Softbound, 320 pgs.

Softbound, 312 pgs.

#406401 $29.95
#300301 $29.95
(E-book #540665
$29.95) (E-book #540610
$29.95) !"#$%&'('"%'$)&
*+""#*+,+(&)-& ,#.'
Softbound, 304 pgs.

#540290 $34.95
(E-book #541006
$34.95) Much More
Than Counting
More Math
Activities for
Young Thinkers
Softbound, 320 pgs.

#406501 $29.95
(E-book #540634
$29.95) ?'@A&;"'4)'&4$&'$3#"-$('$)&@1'"'&*1#,5"'$&
,'4"$&)1"-+%1& 0,4BC&#$D+#"BC&4$5&
'E0,-"4)#-$ LEAF
The updated edition
includes new information on
exploration of inquiry-based
practice, reexamination
of circle time and scripts
for routines, expansion of
invitations (including invitations
for children learning a second
language), new photos and
documentation, and a new
chapter on Reggio Emilia. Age
focus: 2–6. Softbound, 224 pgs.

743'&(-"'&)14$&8F&-$&)1'&2') Shop Online:
(E-book #545844 $32.95)
Includes one copy each of The Unscripted Classroom and Emergent Curriculum.

Emergent/Unscripted Set
#533611 $54.95
Emergent Curriculum in Early
Childhood Settings, Second Edition
#545837 $32.95
ESS Step out of your usual
scripts and use innovative
practices as you respond
to children’s budding
interests. Classroom
stories are included
to inspire creative
thinking as you observe
children, reflect, and plan
curriculum. Age focus:
2–5. Softbound, 152 pgs. The Unscripted Classroom
#540368 $29.95
(E-book #541785 $29.95)
More Than
Counting, Standards
Edition PR
More Than
Singing More Than Magnets, Standards Edition is aligned
with the Next Generation Science Standards