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The interest surrounding baby signing
continues to increase as more and
more parents embrace this special
world of communication, which allows
babies to communicate before they
can talk. Sign language gives them a
way to express their wants and needs,
easing frustration for both baby and
parent. Being able to communicate
effectively with a very young child is
positively thrilling. Age focus: 0–3.

Softbound, 288 pgs.

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With new activities and explorations,
tips and information to help you
understand how to support the
littlest learners, and research nuggets
to enhance your own professional
knowledge, the Encyclopedia of
Infant and Toddler Activities, will be
your go-to resource! Age focus: 0–3.

Softbound, 288 pgs.

The Encyclopedia of Infant and
Toddler Activities for Children
Birth to 3, Revised Edition
#129301 $19.95
(E-book #542577 $34.95)
R !"#$"%&$"'&%('')*+&
$,%-.-%-*/ Teaching Twos and Threes
#541327 $34.95
ESS The Baby Signing Book,
Second Edition
#804512 $24.95
LEAF 3&,(:;+*<*"/-.*&,=++-,=)=:&#(+&
%>(?&$"'&%<+**?@*$+?()'/ Working with two- and three-year-olds is an important
job, one that will influence children’s lifelong learning.

With strategies to plan a developmentally appropriate
program, build positive relationships with young
children, and support learning in all areas, this is a
classroom essential. It is also packed with creative
activity ideas and colorful photographs. Age focus: 2–3.

Softbound, 216 pgs. Full color.

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$"'&/*$/("/B& Applying the tactile features of Montessori
teaching, these innovative board books use
interactive enhancements to teach young children.

One-of-a-kind colorful illustrations and sturdy
board pages make this set a unique addition to
any early learning collection. Set includes ABC’s,
Shapes, Numbers, and Seasons. Age focus: 0–3.

Four Board books, each 20 pages
Discovery Concepts Board Books Set
#710250 $34.95
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