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children can
learn and grow
Create captivating
environments that nurture
children, families, and
staff, and support learning.

Hundreds of all-new
colorful photographs of
real early learning settings
are included, and you’ll
find a multitude of simple
and practical concepts
for creative indoor and
outdoor spaces and
learning materials. Age
focus: 3–5. Softbound,
304 pgs. Full color.

Rethinking the Classroom Landscape
#595633 $34.95
Rethink the traditional
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LEAF (E-book #543734 $44.95)
New! 61'4."#&(0+%0"$++7&'0'%$.1$8+#&
#19."*1/#1%'& ESS
(E-book #544670 $32.95)
32 PR
LEAF Colorful photographs, ideas
reflecting the authors’ visits
to a variety of programs,
and worksheets provide
inspiration and guidance
as you plan a dynamic
environment where
children will enjoy spending
their time. Whether your
program operates before or
after school, on non-school
days, during the summer,
or overnight, this book
will help you think about
your work and space in
new ways. Age focus: 5–12.

Softbound, 240 pgs.

Full color.

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Great Afterschool Programs
and Spaces That Wow!
#541228 $44.95
(E-book #542546 $44.95)
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The next installment for the award-winning Loose Parts series
offers inspiration and guidance on creating culturally sensitive and
culturally sustainable early childhood environments. With the help
of over 400 full-color photos, this book shows readers how to use
their environment
to promote a
sense of wonder,
curiosity, and joy,
and allow children
to explore their
identity. Peer-
reviewed by a
team from diverse
backgrounds Loose
Parts 3 includes a
note to educators
on the discoveries
made during the
review process.

Age focus: 0–8.

Softbound, 296
pgs. Full color.

Available March 2018
Loose Parts 3
#544663 $32.95
PR Designs for Living and
Learning, Second Edition
#543741 $74.95 $44.95
Colorful photos show what teachers can do
to encourage a sense of community unique
to each classroom. Easy-to-implement ideas
and strategies are based on five guideposts
that help educators create early childhood
environments that vividly connect children,
adults, and the surrounding community. These
community environments include connections
to past and present, geography, typography,
flora, and fauna. Softbound, 256 pgs.



Nature Preschools and
Forest Kindergartens
#544298 $39.95
PR (E-book #541853 $49.95)
R Lens on Outdoor Learning
#328401 $49.95
ESS Packed with colorful photographs and
engaging stories, this book is a source
of inspiration for outdoor learning.

It documents how the natural world
supports joyful and meaningful
connections with early learning
standards. Age focus: 3–5. Softbound,
256 pgs. Full color.

LEAF (E-book #544304 $39.95)
R Gardening with Young
Children #541570 $25.95
ESS !"#$%&#'()%*+(,-%$+./%
0()1)+()%)1",0(+()% 2"#304.-
LEAF This book explains how a gardening
curriculum supports learning and
development across all domains and
provides helpful suggestions for planting
and caring for a garden suited to your
unique setting. More than 60 hands-on
learning activities, colorful photographs,
and classroom stories are included. Age
focus: 0–8. Softbound, 256 pgs. Full color.

(E-book #543130 $25.95)
:'(%#'.,##"% 14.+;+.&%41",-%.#%
0(/1(40%01"9&% 6"1+(%,0;09#2*0(.

Nearly 90% of brain development
occurs in the first five years of
life. To help maximize a child’s
learning during this influential
time, this set of nature-themed
exploration activities instills a
sense of wonder, an appreciation
for the environment, and building
blocks toward understanding the
natural world. 40 laminated cards
on a ring.

5/0%/1(,6##7%8#"%#'.,##"% 901"(+()
Environmental education expert David Sobel
and several colleagues share their experiences
and knowledge in this go-to resource.

Quickly learn the nuts and bolts of running a
successful nature preschool or kindergarten:
potential obstacles and concerns, staff and
curriculum design, best practices, site and
facility assessment, business planning, and
more. This resource provides the mentorship
and guidance you need to become a leader in
nature-based education and start or expand an
existing program. Softbound, 280 pgs.

Full color.

?0$>%@(8#"*1.+;0%1(,% $+-.8'9%(1.'"0%-#()-
Naturally Developing
Young Brains
#069836 $12.95
Trees is by turns informative,
wistful, and quirky. From free-
range anthems to straight-up
love songs to tunes that are
somehow both hip-shaking and
scientific, Trees offers a fresh
perspective on everybody’s
favorite ubiquitous woody plants.

CD, 14 songs.

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Trees #003230 $16.95