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LEAF &'(('()%&*+,%6"7%8
!"#$% Becoming a Team Player
When everyone is committed to being part of a strong
team, your program will be a more functional, loving place
where children thrive. Set of three softbound workbooks,
88 pgs. each.

#549995 $21.95
Partnering with Families
Filled with self-assessments, tips, sample letters and
forms, and reflection questions to optimize your
knowledge, this book will help you collaborate with
families to provide better care for children and
their parents. Pack of 3 books, 80 pgs each.

#549994 $21.95
Being a Professional
Whether it is your first day on the job or you have years of
experience, professionalism is essential for success as you
work with children, their families, and your colleagues. Set of
three softbound workbooks, 72 pgs. each.

#549993 $21.95
Winning Ways for Early Childhood Professionals Set 1 Assorted Pack
One copy each of Being a Professional, Partnering with Families, and Becoming a
Team Player.

#549996 $21.95
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:';,%7.%"(3*(<"%+.=/% ,>'11,%*,%*%,=;"/?',./
Winning Ways for Early Childhood Professionals Set 2 Assorted Pack
One copy each of Understanding Infants, Understanding Toddlers and Twos, and Understanding Preschoolers.

#541426 $21.95
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Being a Supervisor
#542454 $19.95
Understanding Preschoolers
Children make developmental leaps during
the preschool years. This three-pack of
workbooks provides essential information
to help early childhood caregivers and
educators enhance their role in promoting
growth by better understanding
preschoolers’ development. Age focus:
3–5. Set of three softbound workbooks,
84 pgs. each.

#541419 $21.95
R Understanding Infants
This workbook provides
essential information
perfect for in-house
trainings, new staff
orientation, and staff
development. Age focus:
0–1. Set of three softbound
workbooks, 80 pgs. each
#541396 $21.95
ESS Understanding Toddlers and Twos
This self-training workbook provides
essential information about toddlers’ and
twos’ mobility, language acquisition, and
social skills. Age focus: 1–2. Set of three
softbound workbooks, 80 pgs. each.

#541402 $21.95
LEAF Whether you are a recently promoted
supervisor or you work with
educators in professional development
workshops, this workbook is an
effective tool to help enhance and
improve leadership skills. It will
encourage, empower, and equip you
with the knowledge and confidence
that is needed to work effectively with
other adults. Softbound, 120 pgs.