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Coaching, Supporting Staff • LEADERSHIP/PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT ESS ESS LEAF LEAF 8)9#$'"#$5,%'$,/ $ #)."$$#56*,1##:%$ /-**$6,'#&'()* (E-book #542607 $29.95) !"#$#%%#&'()*$+#%,-+.#$/,+$#0#+1$ #2-.)',+$)&2$.)+#3(0#+ PR ED R Early Childhood Staff Orientation Guide, Facilitator’s Edition #544328 $39.95 ESS Research-based guidance on development, learning, effective practices, and intentional teaching. A supplementary CD provides readings on key topics and video examples of developmentally appropriate practice in action. Age focus: 0–8. Softbound, 368 pgs., and CD-ROM. Developmentally Appropriate Practice in Early Childhood Programs, Third Edition Book + #896647 $44.95 ED PR ED R Learning from the Bumps in the Road #542065 $29.95 Orientation to a new position, a classroom, or an entirely new program is an opportunity to start off on the right foot. Working with young children is fun, but also complex, and requires knowledge of health and safety practices, child development, guidance strategies, and much more. This orientation guide will serve as a long-term resource for employees and providers as they grow in the profession. Reflecting research and best practices, this workbook is full of hands-on tools to help employees learn the ins and outs of their new role and the policies and procedures Early Childhood Staff unique to their program. Includes a Orientation Guide certificate of completion. Age focus: #544312 $39.95 0–5. Set of 3 softbound workbooks, 120 pgs. each. R Holly Elissa Bruno, Janet Gonzalez-Mena, Luis Antonio Hernandez, and Debra Ren-Etta Sullivan share twelve essays that unveil personal insecurities and insights. Reading them will encourage a renewed sense of purpose as you help children reach their full potential. You will also discover that every bump in the road is an opportunity to grow and learn. Softbound, 240 pgs. 4$.,56+#"#&%(0#$ ,+(#&')'(,&$%1%'#5$/,+$ 1,-+$$+,*#$ PR ;&%(3"'%$/+,5$/,-+$ 21&)5(.$*#)2#+% LEAF Full of valuable tools and tips for the professional welcoming new employees to their organization, this companion to the Early Childhood Staff Orientation Guide provides support for the professional who is mentoring new employees and leading them through the orientation process. A comprehensive resource, it includes vital early childhood program orientation topics, tips to maximize your mentoring skills, and frequently asked questions about the orientation process. Use this book to ensure you make the most of each new employee’s potential and improve staff retention. Age focus: 0–5. Softbound, 152 pgs. Early Childhood Staff Orientation Guide set This set includes one copy of Early Childhood Staff Orientation Guide, and one Facilitator’s Edition. #541390 $64.95 Shop Online: 13