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CHILD DEVELOPMENT Understand the science behind More than 600 brain-building activity ideas common learning activities Enhance young children’s learning with activity ideas that support healthy brain development during the critical early years. Building Brains contains information to help you understand the application of brain research to activities as you plan curriculum. Inspiration to provide a rich, experience-based, developmentally appropriate environment. Age focus: 0–5. Softbound, 168 pgs. Building Brains #541174 $29.95 Learn the basic terms and stages in child development. Master terms list, definition cards, and instructions included. Set of 30 laminated bingo cards. Child Development Bingo #501808 $24.95 S H E D BY ED R (E-book #541884 $29.95) A fun way to learn about development LI ESS LEAF PR ED PR ESS S H E D BY PUB (E-book #543406 $24.95) LI R Intellectual Development #150011 $24.95 PUB Learn what science says about common practices in early childhood settings and how they help build cognitive development. This book also contains discussion questions, recommended readings, and information on early learning standards. Age focus: 3–5. Softbound, 160 pgs. LEAF Use confl ict to support social development Gain insight into the nature of disagreements between children and how conflict can actually support social development. Learn the value of remaining objective in these situations and observing and reflecting on behavior. Age focus: 0–5. DVD, 20 min. The Brain DVD Set #409002 $219.95 CD- ROM Encourage healthy brain development Discover how to give young children the structure they need to set up a strong foundation for learning. Explore how activity, boredom, and sleep impact the brain’s memory and learning. Includes one copy each of Activity, Sleep, and Boredom; Pattern, Structure, and Novelty; and Developing Memory in Developing Brains, 20 min. each. Each DVD may be purchased separately online at Falling Out #405797 $139.95 CD- O M RO Shop Online: 23