October 24
Fingerpaint in the studio . . . slippery, slick, cool, sticky, vibrant, and bold.

Eddie: “This feels like I’m on rubber.”
Raven: “I’m sticking to the paint! My hands are full of paint!”
Eddie: “It feels like flubber.”
Raven experimented with scratching lines into the paint: “Does this remind you of pipes
or roller coasters?”
Raven’s and Eddie’s exploration of the fingerpaint was sensual and quiet; they didn’t talk
much, except for these occasional exclamations of discovery or delight. They immersed them-
selves in the color, the texture, the movement of the paint on the paper, alive in their senses.

Look at the delicate dance of Eddie’s
hands. One hand in yellow, one hand in
red, Eddie gradually, gently brought his
two hands closer and closer until they
met at the center of his paper, where
they transformed each color.

Raven created purple first on her
hands, by rubbing her red and blue
hands together, laughing at the cool,
wet, slippery feel and the wild new
colors she created.

Eddie and Raven are strengthening their understandings of texture and movement
while they fingerpaint. The paint holds the record of their hands’ motion, and their
hands hold the memory of the paint’s slick consistency.

50 Chapter 2