Reflection for Team Leaders: The Invisible Work
Read through the scenario and imagine your own classroom and team, and think about how
you typically respond to this type of situation.

It’s one of those days in your classroom! The weather has prevented you from taking
children outside, and they are bursting with energy. Two children in your classroom
seem to be pressing each other’s buttons and butting heads every few minutes.

Someone just knocked over a vase, and water and flowers are strewn on the floor.

As you turn to get some towels, someone slips in the water and bursts into tears.

Freeze this moment to answer the following questions:
What is the expression on your face right now?
Are you moving slowly and purposefully, or are you rushing to put out fires?
What is the tone of your voice? Is it low and calm or loud and agitated?
From Team Teaching in Early Childhood: Leadership Tools for Reflective Practice by Uniit Carruyo, © 2017.

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