Acknowledgments I
would like to express my gratitude to the people who have made this
book possible. I’d like to thank Kara Lomen, Laurie Herrmann, Jim
Handrigan, Douglas Schmitz, and everyone at Redleaf Press for their
patience with my many questions and for their invaluable insight and guid-
ance in this process.

Thank you to Ellis Scope and Cathleen Wiggins, who taught me what Bank
Street leadership looks like and how to lead artfully, and to stand on the shoul-
ders of giants when I feel small. I am grateful for Virginia Varga and Judy Joynt
at the Center for Montessori Education (CME), who taught me to look at chil-
dren with reverence and awe, and for Laura Graham, who has been my trusted
colleague for more than twenty years of brainstorming, applauding one an-
other, and imagining possibilities. I thank Gimme! Coffee on State Street in
Ithaca, New York, for caffeinating me, always with a friendly smile, as I wrote
this book. Thank you to Charles Abelmann and the Barrie School for leader-
ship inspiration and encouragement. Thank you to Heather Frost and Sarah
Wharton for their help and expertise in developing signs for use in teaching
teams. I’m grateful for every one of my team members over the years, each of
whom has taught me something unique and humbling. I wish to offer my
heartfelt gratitude to Elizabeth Harrison, Joey Steinhagen, and Aram for of-
fering endless sage advice, calming counsel, and hugs, in that order. And lastly,
I’m grateful to my son, Kii, for being the reason my heart has grown big enough
to fit in so many other people, too.