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NEW FROM REDLEAF PRESS PUB ESS PR ED LEAF New! 100+ play-based science activities that align with early learning standards Take the uncertainty out of teaching science to young children with this comprehensive curriculum framework that aligns with the National Science Education Standards from the National Research Council. Enjoy over 100 interactive play-based activities that encourage children to explore their world. Each of these hands- on activities includes background scientific information for teachers, a guide to implementation, and children’s typical responses. This new edition addresses the standards related to each activity and includes two new life science chapters, one on plants and one on animals. Age focus: 3–5. Softbound, 368 pgs. Available June 2017 Shop Online: More than Magnets, Standards Edition #545165 $34.95 LI S H E D BY ED R Play, academics, and standards can work together with the right strategies and support from educators. Take an active role in child-directed play to guide learning. Become a strong advocate for saving play in early childhood education. Learn how child- led, open-ended play addresses learning domains, such as approaches to learning, literacy, mathematics, science, and physical development as well as the Common Core Standards. This book is full of research and resources that link academic learning and play experiences. Use the provocative questions for teachers and administrators to effectively share the importance of play in early learning with others, and help restore play to its proper role as both fun and educational. Age focus: 3–6. Softbound, 288 pgs. Available May 2017 (E-book #545387 $29.95) S H E D BY ESS LEAF LI PR ESS PR ED Guidance for Every Child #545370 $29.95 PUB New! See how learning standards and high-quality play can work together S H E D BY Never give up on any child. Tying together the theory and developmentally appropriate strategies of child guidance and behavior, this book provides you with best practices for teaching children healthy social- emotional behavior and conflict management. Through current brain research, real-life stories, and a plethora of key concepts and discussion questions, this book gives you tools and strategies to understand how stress affects children’s self-regulation, help even the most at-risk children thrive, and reduce the expulsion rate in early childhood. “Guidance Guy” Dan Gartrell’s practices teach young children to express strong feelings appropriately, solve problems in creative ways, accept differences, and think ethically and intelligently. Use this book to empower children. Age focus: 2–8. Softbound, 192 pgs. Available May 2017 R (E-book #545318 $34.95) LI R Saving Play #545301 $34.95 PUB New! A practical, thorough guidance tool kit for today’s high-stress world LEAF (E-book #545172 $34.95) Find the complete More Than…Series on page 70. 3