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CHILD DEVELOPMENT Eff ective and practical solutions Sharing the Blue Crayon #310118 $26.95 (E-book #541938 $29.95) S H E D BY ESS LI ED PR So This Is Normal Too? Second Edition #540726 $29.95 PUB New! Integrate social, emotional and literacy learning R Tattling, aggression, and temper tantrums are examples of “normal” behaviors that can be difficult for teachers, caregivers, and families to handle. If ignored, these behaviors can grow into difficult, unappealing habits. Identify and set goals for children who need more specific planning and support. This edition will help you respond to 21 common skill lags and behavior challenges. Action planning forms and family handouts are included. Age focus: 3–6. Softbound, 256 pgs. LEAF Through simple activities such as read-alouds, sing- alongs, murals, and performances, students learn how to get along in a group, empathize with others, develop self-control, and give and receive feedback, all while becoming confident readers and writers. Age focus: 4–8 years, Softbound, 198 pgs. A fun way to learn about development Learn the basic terms and stages in child development. Master terms list, definition cards, and instructions included. Set of 30 laminated bingo cards. Child Development Bingo #501808 $24.95 Getting from Me to We #132692 $24.95 Staff development activities New! Give children foundational skills necessary to form connections and friendships These quick, easy, and effective activities introduce, reinforce, and conclude lessons on child development. Each activity is calculated to last no more than ten minutes. Spiral, 53 pgs. 22 5 Minute Child Development Activities #757975 $29.95 Call 1-800-423-8309 to Order Many children struggle with social skills and find themselves perpetually on the sidelines. Shonna Tuck, speech-language pathologist and researcher with expertise in socially at-risk children, shows parents how to teach their children social observing skills at an early stage in their development. Softbound, 220 pgs.