Over 800 solutions
to 200 problems
For two decades, thousands of early childhood professionals have looked to this classic
resource for quick, practical help—now! This new edition includes a plethora of solutions
to the everyday challenges you encounter, and it integrates new research about the issues
and opportunities facing the field today, such as:
• Essential life skills
• Brain development
• Cultural responsiveness
• Early childhood expulsion
• Early Learning and Development Standards and Common Core
State Standards
• The value of play
• Technology in the classroom
Use this guide to save time and energy as you anticipate, prevent, and
solve problems in your early learning program.

Steffen Saifer, EdD, is a
former early childhood teacher
and Head Start director and
“Steffen Saifer’s book is a priceless resource for early childhood teachers
in any scenario. No school or agency should be without this go-to reference
on its shelves. It’s a lifeline for early childhood professionals who may feel
overwhelmed by classroom challenges.”
—A manda Morgan, author of the blog Not Just Cute:
Intentional Whole Child Development
trainer who currently works
as an international consultant
and writer based in Spain.

He works with numerous
organizations, including the
Open Society Foundation,
The World Bank, and UNICEF,
“When something unexpected, puzzling, or troubling comes up in your
classroom, it’s hard to know what to do and where to go to get help in a hurry.

In those situations, what you want is a wise, pragmatic, and experienced
friend nearby to give you counsel. Steffen Saifer is that friend. Practical
Solutions to Practically Every Problem is a comprehensive, research-based
resource that offers positive solutions for a wide range of issues relating
to children, families, and teachers. It can help you navigate the sometimes-
rocky terrain of early childhood education with a clear eye to what is best for
young children.”
—Stephanie Feeney, professor emerita of education,
University of Hawaii
and in many countries,
including Bangladesh, Russia,
and Zimbabwe, to develop
and implement culturally
responsive curriculum. He
also works with numerous
universities to develop
graduate programs in early
childhood development.

ISBN 978-1-60554-512-7