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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM ON PHONE OR TABLET PART 1 Daily Dilemmas THIS PART OF THE BOOK deals with some very difficult situations for chil- dren. Separating from a parent, eating and sleeping somewhere other than home, wanting to be liked, and making and keeping friends are just some of the psychologically fraught issues that our very young children face daily. It’s no surprise then why problems arise, particularly during these stress-­ inducing times of the day. There is a great deal for a “beginner at life” to feel anxious and insecure about, and for those children who already carry signifi­ cant anxieties, these challenges can feel overwhelming. For some children, “acting out” is an effective way to cover up fears and push down anxieties. It is a stronger impulse than the fear of any negative consequences for the be- havior. So, the teacher’s role is to see things from the children’s perspective, create an empathetic and safe emotional climate, and give children the skills and support they need to successfully negotiate these challenges. COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL • 13