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EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION/PHYSICAL TO ZOOM DOUBLE TAP PLAY WITH PHONE OR TABLET Boisterous play is simply part of who children are— and it’s a good thing! Physical big body play is critical to young children’s cognitive, social, and motor development. It helps boys and girls alike learn how to control impulses, regulate emotions, assess risk, read nonverbal cues, and more. When you support their movement throughout the day, you will find children have an easier time actively listening and learning. Use this step-by-step guide to: V Weave movement throughout the daily schedule Facilitate safe boisterous play Make your teaching practice more dynamic and effective W V W A Family Companion booklet is also available to help you talk V with families about supporting rough-and-tumble play. W S S S Mike Huber has taken Big Body Play and expanded upon it with a plethora of ideas and suggestions for how to best incorporate this valuable and undervalued play style. His book will become a staple in both new and veteran teachers’ resource collections. —Frances Carlson, MAEd, author of Big Body Play S S S Mike Huber is so right when he states that “mistrust of movement” has resulted in policies and practices that are contrary to the needs of young children. This book will help teachers and parents feel more comfortable with the physical nature of children in their care and guide them in encouraging kids to do what comes naturally. —Rae Pica, author of the Moving and Learning Series COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL V W V W V W V W Photo by CHRIS BOHNHOFF Create spaces that encourage children’s safe physical play Mike Huber, MAEd, has been an early childhood educator since 1992 and currently teaches at Seward Child Care Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has also worked as a trainer and consultant for the Minnesota Department of Education, the Child Care Resource and Referral Network, and MnAEYC. Huber is the author of six picture books, including The Amazing Erik, winner of the 2015 Learning Magazine Teachers’ Choice Award. He presents nationally on the topic of rough-and-tumble play. V W ISBN: 978-1-60554-468-7 $39.95