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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET •• Hang clothing or other object in or outside a window to alert first responders. Go to the Outdoor Meeting Place Go to the predetermined area where children and adults should meet outdoors, away from the facility. •• Location of outdoor meeting place: •• Count heads. •• Notify the person-in-charge if anyone is missing. •• Person-in-charge name/number: Establish Communication •• Communicate with the person-in-charge. •• Wait for follow-up instructions. •• Do not return to the facility unless given “all clear” instructions. Children’s Learning Activity Contact the local fire department and request they visit your program. In an emergency, children may be fearful of firefighters in full gear. It is recommended that children first meet the firefighters in their regular uniforms then watch the firefighters put on the emer- gency response gear, including breathing apparatus. Conduct regular evacuation drills. As children become familiar and comfortable with the evacuation procedures, vary drills so that children become familiar with two ways out. Also, hold drills at various times during the program day, such as during choice time or when eating. 9 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL