Becoming the Bridge of Hope 17
are developed and sculpted from years of experiences, both positive and negative,
that mold who we are and that are hopefully supported in positive ways. What we
know and will discover more within the book is that many of our most challeng-
ing children need extra energy and consideration to experience healthy positive
and negative opportunities to cultivate these areas.

What We Can Do
To give children a fighting chance and to ultimately support necessary executive
functions and resilience, we begin in chapter 2 with addressing the foundational
pillars of environments that support children and families. This is followed by
chapter 3’s organizational systems overview with a focus on providing a balance
of managing and overseeing, coaching and mentoring, and building and sup-
porting community. The intent is to establish environments that are safe and
consistent places that provide loving acceptance and kind intentions coupled
with classroom activity that soothes and calms.

Chapters 4–7 present case scenarios of experiences we have had with chil-
dren when working together and with others in the early childhood profession.

In each chapter, we will see how the abstract idea of trauma directly and indi-
rectly affects the individual child. Together we’ll explore the consequences that
events such as homelessness, incarceration, abandonment, medical emergencies,
natural disasters, foster care, and atypical development have on children.

Last but by no means least, our final chapter will address the necessity of
program staff to care for themselves before, during, and after the constant results
of change in the lives of the children they care for. Through the delicate balance
of continued focus on the theoretical framework presented in this chapter to the
application of practical ideas and strategies all with the principles of executive
function in mind, this book serves as a “must have” resource to use in individual
as well as group environments serving young children who deserve a fighting