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NEW FROM REDLEAF PRESS PUB ESS PR ED ED PR ESS LEAF LEAF This comprehensive tool will help your tax preparer understand the unique rules that affect your business. Using this resource will increase your confidence in the tax professional who prepares your return, help you identify potential errors before your taxes are filed, and ensure that your tax preparer is claiming all allowable deductions. Once you fill out the worksheets in this book, give it to your tax professional to use as a guide as your tax forms are completed. This will help you ensure your business expenses are properly deducted. Softbound, 72 pgs. New! A comprehensive record-keeping system This all-in-one calendar and expense/income tracker includes monthly attendance charts, payment logs, food program tallies, and a tax worksheet that corresponds to particular lines on key tax forms. Using this record-keeping system makes tax time much easier — all of your business-related records are organized in one convenient place. It also includes monthly recipes and menus that each meet CACFP guidelines, learning activities, and wellness tips. Spiral, 100 pgs. New! Create an inclusive program for young children with special needs This Redleaf Quick Guide gives you what you need to start working with children with special needs. It contains a look at inclusion in early childhood programs, disability law, and typical vs. atypical development. Several specific disabilities and special needs are covered, including definitions, common characteristics of children with these special needs, and strategies for adaptation to include all children in your program. While not a diagnosis tool, this book will help you identify and accommodate young children with special needs in your program and Caring for Young inform families when further Children with help may be needed. Age Special Needs focus: 0–8. Softbound, #545042 $15.95 88 pgs. (E-book #545059 $15.95) LI S H E D BY R ED #543970 $17.95 Shop Online: ESS LEAF S H E D BY PR ED LI PUB ESS S H E D BY PR PUB LI L The Redleaf Calendar-Keeper 2017 #100017 $18.95 ED I S H BY R Discover more business resources for your family child care business on page 62. New! Work with your tax preparer to claim all allowable deductions R Family Child Care 2016 Tax Companion #101016 $17.95 Family Child Care 2016 Tax Workbook and Organizer #100816 $17.95 R As tax season approaches each year, thousands of family child care providers save time and money using the Tax Workbook and Organizer. The most comprehensive resource available, this book contains up-to-date guidance so you can accurately complete your own tax return and take advantage of all the business deductions that you’re entitled to claim. It also includes new tax laws, tips to help you save money, and tools that will take the guesswork out of doing your taxes. Softbound, 284 pgs. PUB New! Save time and money with this comprehensive tax guide LEAF 3