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SPECIAL NEEDS New! A practical, thorough guidance toolkit for today’s high-stress world PR ED LEAF 26 ESS 75+ classroom activities to support fragile children Respond to the learning and behavioral needs of children who have experienced traumatic events or toxic stress. Over 75 empowering and healing activities plus information to help understand the impact of children’s disrupted attachments and early insecurities, as well as strategies to help children build resilience. Age focus: Making It Better, 3–8. Softbound, Second Edition 200 pgs. #541600 $19.95 LI S H E D BY ED LEAF New! Prepare early childhood educators to work eff ectively Explore the foundation of guidance in early childhood education and how to build an encouraging classroom. Learn to address challenging behavior and use conflict management and the “five- finger-formula”. Includes standards and video integration, expanded coverage of diversity, and current brain research. Age focus: 3–8. Softbound, 576 pgs. A Guidance Approach for the Encouraging Classroom 6th Edition #938934 $169.95 LEAF (E-book #543895 $29.95) R Your handbook to developmentally appropriate guidance ED PUB S H E D BY ESS LI R (E-book #545318 $34.95) PUB Saving Play #545301 $34.95 Play, academics, and standards can work together with the right strategies and support from educators. Become a strong advocate for saving play in early childhood education. Learn how child-led, open-ended play addresses learning domains, such as approaches to learning, literacy, mathematics, science, and physical development as well as the Common Core Standards. Help restore play to its proper role as both fun and educational. Age focus: 3–6. Softbound, 288 pgs. Available May 2017 S H E D BY R New! See how learning standards and high- quality play can work together LI PR PUB LEAF ESS PR ED Children facing adversity—abuse, neglect, domestic violence, loss of a loved one, poverty or homelessness— need someone to be their ally and to provide a positive and nurturing adult relationship. Learn about the relationship gap that can exist between children facing adversity and the adults who care for them, signs of what specific child behaviors can mean, and tools to help you effectively work through tough Bridging the situations. Age focus: Relationship Gap 0–8. Softbound, #543888 $29.95 200 pgs. PR S H E D BY ESS LI R Learn best practices for teaching children healthy social-emotional behavior and conflict management. Through current brain research, real-life stories, and a plethora of key concepts and discussion questions, it offers tools and strategies to understand how stress affects children’s self-regulation, help even the most at-risk children thrive, and reduce the expulsion rate in early childhood. Young children will learn to express strong feelings appropriately, solve problems in creative ways, accept differences, and think ethically and intelligently. Age focus: 2–8. Softbound, Guidance for Every Child 192 pgs. #545370 $29.95 Available May 2017 (E-book #545387 $29.95) PUB Become the ally children need Practical Strategies #596531 $19.95 Call 1-800-423-8309 to Order Showcase the diverse capabilities of students with ASD, and pervasive developmental disorders. Descriptive examples and interactive activities guide teachers to understand how these disorders affect student progress and how educators can tap into student potential. Age focus: 3–5, Softbound, 200 pgs.