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BEHAVIOR & GUIDANCE Winning Ways for Early Childhood Professionals Tips and tools for guiding challenging behavior LI S H E D BY ED R #542331 $21.95 Guiding Challenging Behavior #542324 $21.95 ESS One copy each of Supporting Positive Behavior, Guiding Challenging Behavior, and Responding to Behavior. LEAF Children test boundaries, so learn how to positively respond PR LEAF S H E D BY ED One of the most important goals in the early childhood classroom is helping children learn appropriate social behavior and self-control. Discover ways to model good choices for children and use positive behavior guidance to help children develop appropriate behavior. Includes a certificate of completion. Age focus: 2–5. Set of three softbound workbooks, 80 pgs. each. PR ESS LI R ED Responding to Behavior #542317 $21.95 PUB S H E D BY ESS LI R Supporting Positive Behavior #542300 $21.95 PUB Be proactive to prevent behavior issues and help children succeed The foundation for positive behavior begins before a child enters the classroom. Learn to use age- appropriate design to promote engagement, encourage exploration, and support physical movement. Includes a certificate of completion. Age focus: 2–5. Set of three softbound workbooks, 80 pgs. each. You may be the first to notice a child who is struggling with behavior challenges. What can you do to help the child succeed? Learn how to assess the cause of the behavior, document patterns of behavior, and share your concerns with families and other professionals. Includes a certificate of completion. Age focus: 2–5. Set of three softbound workbooks, 80 pgs. each. PR Winning Ways Behavior Guidance Assorted Pack PUB Filled with practical tips, self-assessments, and reflection questions, the Winning Ways series is a must-have for every early childhood professional. These workbooks are perfect for in-house trainings, new staff orientation, and professional development. Additional titles in this popular series can be found on page 17. LEAF The social and emotional tools children need Help children build six essential life skills to help them exhibit more prosocial behaviors, work better as a classroom community, and become sucessful learners. This second edition aligns each skill with early learning standards and addresses cultural awareness. Age focus: 3–5. Softbound, 336 pgs. The Six Life Skills Children Need #542225 $24.95 LI S H E D BY ESS LEAF ED PR ESS PR ED R 24 S H E D BY Help families learn about essential social and emotional skills. Explanations and examples of each skill are provided, as well as suggestions that families can use to help children develop those skills. Age focus: 3–5. Pack of 25 booklets, 12 pgs. each. PUB (E-book #541792 $34.95) LI R Beyond Behavior Management, Second Edition #540733 $34.95 PUB Partner with families LEAF Call 1-800-423-8309 to Order Highly Successful Strategies to Guide Young Children’s Behavior #835001 $89.95 Create a positive classroom environment CD- ROM Respond to disruptive behaviors with proven techniques. A trainer’s guide includes printable handouts, resources, and more. DVD, 23 min. Bilingual English/ Spanish. Closed-Captioned.