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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Contents Acknowledgments ix Introduction 1 Chapter 1: What Is Good Character? 3 Character Develops through Interactions 5 Be Sensitive to Developmental Stages 6 Be Patient 7 Character Traits to Support in Young Children 7 Caring 8 Honesty 9 Integrity 10 Respect 11 Responsibility 12 Self-​Discipline 12 Why Teach Good Character? 13 In Conclusion 14 Chapter 2: Character Development in the First Three Years 15 Traditional Views on Moral Development 15 New Insights and Perspectives 16 The Social-​Emotional Potential in Infants 16 Character Potential Grows in Toddlers and Twos 18 The Importance of Healthy Relationships in the Early Years 19 In Conclusion 19 Chapter 3: How Can We Support Character Development in Young Children? 21 Modeling and Demonstrating 22 Conversations 22 Safe, Secure Environments 24 Consistent Routines and Environments 25 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL