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FAMILY CHILD CARE Shop Online at Measure and improve the quality of your business Assess qualifications and professional development, income and benefits, work environment, and more. Softbound, 48 pgs. FAMILY CHILD CARE BUSINESS CURRICULUM Business Administration Scale for Family Child Care #749777 $23.95 A thorough revision of The Family Child Care Rating Scale, this widely used program quality assessment instrument includes many improvements that make it even more reliable and easy to use. Age focus: 0–12. Spiral, 88 pgs. Book + Observations for the FCCERS-R DVD #539301 $67.95 CD- ROM Reduce the stress that comes with worrying about legal matters Filled with information from Tom Copeland and Holly Elissa Bruno, this resource provides sample policies, procedures, and best practices that will help you gain confidence in resolving legal challenges and conflicts with families and staff members—before flare-ups become lawsuits. Softbound, 192 pgs. Copublished with Teachers College Press. ESS • Learning objectives and teaching techniques • PowerPoint files, reproducibles, and trainer notes • Handouts, including quizzes and class evaluations • Commonly asked questions and answers • Classroom and follow-up activities: Save $75 when you buy the complete set FAMILY CHILD CARE Business Curriculum Set #600999 $674.95 Contracts and Policies #540436 $149.95 Marketing #540498 $149.95 ESS S H E D BY R ED PR PUB LEAF CD- ROM Written by Tom Copeland, JD, renowned tax and child care business specialist, these training modules cover five integral business topics and include everything you need to share general business principles with providers. Each module in the series contains: The popular program quality assessment tool LI ED Book + The most comprehensive business curriculum to train family child care providers Observations for the FCCERS-R Workbook #539001 $3.95 Managing Legal Risks in Early Childhood Programs #753774 $25.95 S H E D BY PR Family Child Care Environment Rating Scale, Revised Edition #111001 $23.95 LI R This training package includes an interactive DVD, an instructor’s guide, and a workbook with training activities. DVD, 35 min., guide, 12 pgs., and workbook, 16 pgs. PUB Learn how to use the FCCERS-R LEAF Record Keeping and Taxes #540511 $149.95 Legal and Insurance Issues #540474 $149.95 Money Management and Retirement #540450 $149.95 67