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PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Twins and Supertwins Best Practices Sharon Bergen Eve-Marie Arce, EdD Your work as a trainer has a lasting impact on your staff Approximately one in every thirty children born today is a twin and the young children you care for. Use the information, or supertwin—a child of a higher-order multiple birth, such as tools, and examples in this book to plan and execute a triplet or quadruplet. With twins and supertwins an increas- training programs that are effective for your environment ingly growing population in preschool classrooms, early child- and your caregivers. You will find guidance on how to hood professionals have more questions and concerns re- establish a framework for organizing your thinking about garding the best ways to care for and educate preschool-age training using practices that are developmentally appro- children of multiple births. Twins and Supertwins addresses priate for adults, design and implement successful pro- these issues and highlights the best program practices sup- ported by recent research and study findings; includes infor- grams, and help your staff be the best professionals they can be. $29.95 USD mation on physical, social, emotional, and language development; identifies unique 9781933653402 needs of twins and supertwins; and offers guidance to create partnerships with families. Still Teaching in the Key of Life PB / 6 x 9 / 200 pages Joyful Stories From Early Childhood Settings 978-1-60554-030-6 $29.95 USD Mimi Brodsky Chenfeld Perspectives on Gender in Early Childhood Editor: Tamar Jacobson This rich collection of academic essays comes from a leading and diverse group of early childhood scholars. Perspectives on Gender in Early Childhood addresses important topics such as: gender stereotypes acquired in early childhood / effects that stereotyping has on young chil- dren / the history of gender and early childhood education / gender roles and healthy sexuality development / gender considerations in setting up interest areas in preschool PB / 384 Pages / 6 X 9 978-1-60554-021-4 $44.95 USD Swinging Pendulums Cautionary Tales for Early Childhood Education Carol Garhart Mooney Filled with thirty essays on topics that raise questions for discussion—including issues on professionalism, health and safety, curriculum, regulations, discipline, and caring com- munities—Swinging Pendulums is a great tool for staff de- velopment or a staff book club. Each essay will help you more thoroughly reflect on the policies and teaching meth- ods you use and consider the reasons why some ideas may or may not work in your program. Softbound, 176 pgs. 978-1-60554-080-1 $19.95 USD Early childhood educators face many challenges and stresses today. This heartwarming collection of 20 sto- ries by Mimi Brodsky Chenfeld will help you remember why you became a teacher and why what you do every day is so important in the lives of young children. Read about classrooms filled with joy, laughter, love, and a celebration of learning. Co-published with NAEYC 144 Pages "If the Art of Teaching had a muse, her name would be Mimi. Let the pages here inspire you just as each day you, her fellow teacher, set forth to inspire your own eager learners." From the Foreword by Michael J. Rosen 978-1-938113-01-7 $11.95 USD Deployment Strategies for Working with Kids in Military Families Karen Petty, PhD Military kids face many unique stressors and difficult transitions related to deployment, relocation, separation from loved ones, and changes in family structure. Car- ing for these kids requires a clear understanding of the challenges and triumphs military families deal with so that you can offer the best support possible. Based on current research and best practices in child develop- ment and early education, Deployment provides pur- poseful information and theory-based strategies to help you: • know what to expect when working with military kids, including the common challenges among infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-agers •offer emotional support for children ages birth through twelve •understand the unique ways play support military kids' emotional, social, cogni- tive, and physical development •enhance quality child care programs using multiple intelligences theory and the Reggio Emilia approach •develop partnerships with families and stay connected with children and families after deployment or relocation •expand your familiarity with the special issues military families face, including repeated or extended deployments and dealing with death and grief Age Focus: 1-12. Softbound, 180 pgs. 978-1-933653-74-7 $24.95 USD Redleaf Press in Canada: Bob Trattner: