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HEALTH AND NUTRITION Healthy Children, Healthy Lives The Wellness Guide for Early Childhood Programs Sharon Bergen & Rachel Robertson Improve overall mental and physical health of children with this program using a series of checklists based around wellness goals. For young children, wellness means positive growth and development in all domains and overall mental and physi- cal health that contributes to their ability to thrive and experience joy in life and learning. This collection of checklists and information resources provides the tools and processes early childhood professionals need to improve the wellness of children, families, and themselves. PB / 8½" x 11" / 248 Pages 978-1-60554-081-8 $29.95 USD Healthy Children, Healthy Lives Training and Resources: Reaching Staff and Families PowerPoint CD ROM Sharon Bergen, Rachel Robertson Each PowerPoint CD ROM: $39.95 USD Complete Set of 7: 978-1-60554-164-8 $199.95 USD You Are What You Eat: Nutrition & Healthy Eating Habits: 978-1-60554-280-5 Jump Right In: Physical Activity and Fitness: 978-1-60554-281-2 Strong on the Inside: Emotional Health and Resilience: 978-1-60554-282-9 Feeling Good: Physical Health: 978-1-60554-283-6 Safe and Sound: Safety and Risk Management: 978-1-60554-284-3 Ignite Your Plan: Leadership: 978-1-60554-285-0 The Wellness Guide for E C Programs, Overview: 978-1-60554-286-7 Rethinking Nutrition, Revised Edition 978-1-60554-433-5 Connecting Science & Practice in E C Settings Connects the science of nutrition to classroom practices. Rethinking Nutrition provides science- and practice-based information to meet young children's nutritional and devel- opmental needs and establish healthy patterns with food. Each chapter includes a summary of key concepts and promising practices for early childhood settings. Aligned with MyPlate. PB / 192 pages / 7 x 10 $27.95 USD Incredible Edible Science Recipes for Developing Science and Literacy Skills Liz Plaster and Rick Krustchinsky Making learning exciting for children, Incredible Edible Science includes over 160 hands-on, food-based sci- ence activities with a strong literacy connection. The book provides everything needed to teach important science process skills in a safe, developmentally appro- priate way. These cross-curricular activities promote brain development and fully engage children through physical involvement—such as exploring balance and texture as they create popcorn ball scultpures, classifying and patterning different types of cereal, and investigating fractions with biscuits—and participation in litera- cy and language components. After the activity is complete, children can eat their work! PB / 256 PAGES • 8½" x 11" 978-1-60554-017-7 $29.95 USD Cooking Is Cool Heat-Free Recipes for Kids To Cook Marianne E. Dambra Help children experience the many benefits and joys of cooking—all without entering the kitchen or using the stove or oven. Cooking Is Cool includes more than 50 heat-free, classroom-friendly recipes, each designed so that children can help prepare healthy appetizers and dips, beverages, snacks and treats, and sandwiches and salads as they explore new foods, build math and litera- cy skills, and learn about nutrition. A food program ma- trix, safety tips, and photographs are included. Age focus: 3-12. Softbound, 144 pgs. 978-1-60554-158-7 $19.95 USD Early Sprouts Cultivating Healthy Food Choices in Young Children Karrie Kalich, Dottie Bauer, Deirdre McPartlin Plant lifelong healthy eating concepts in young children and counteract the prevalence of childhood obesity with Early Sprouts. A research-based early childhood curric- ulum, this “seed-to-table” approach gets children inter- ested in and enjoying nutritious fruits and vegetables. The Early Sprouts model engages preschoolers in all aspects of planting, preparing, and eating organically grown produce. Find directions for designing and caring for gardens, recipes children can help prepare, and ways to involve the whole family in making healthy food choices. The activities used in this 24-week pro- gram can be tailored to fit any early childhood program, climate, or geographical region; have been tested in a variety of early learning environments; and have received accolades from children, their parents, and teachers alike. 978-1-933653-72-3 $24.95 USD Early Sprouts Cookbook Karrie Kalich, Lynn Arnold, Carole Russell The Early Sprouts Cookbook is packed with more than seventy child-tested and child-approved recipes that contribute to children's well-rounded diets. These recipes incorporate vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean protein, and other nutrient-rich ingredients into preschoolers' meals. In addition to nutritious and delicious breakfast, lunch, snack, and special celebration recipes, you will find:  Recommended nutrition guidelines for young children  A review of the Early Sprouts approach  Tips to create a child-friendly cooking environment  Information on creating partnerships with families as you create a nutri- tionally purposeful environment 978-1-60554-042-9 $29.95 USD Redleaf Press in Canada: Bob Trattner: