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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET “ ‘If the world were ideal, what conditions would need to be in place to structure ECE as a profession?’ This question crystalized for me the essence of Professionaliz- ing Early Childhood Education As a Field of Practice. We all know the world is not ideal, but we can and should have the courage to improve it with this book by Stacie Goffin. She leads us to think deeply and to take responsibility for the quality of education for young children. The book’s practical suggestions for organizing ‘conversations with intent’ give us exactly the guidance needed to move forward and establish ECE as a field of practice. I am optimistic that we will achieve the goal. Read the book, reflect, invite early educators in your area, follow Goffin’s model, facilitate a group, stay connected, and together we will make it happen.” —A ngèle S ancho P asse , author of E valuating and S upporting E arly C hildhood T eachers and other titles , past member of the NAEYC governing board “In this small but power-packed volume, veteran early childhood educator and child advocate Stacie Goffin takes on the ambiguous and challenging dilemmas of defining ECE as a profession. The book provides a timely call to action for all of us who recognize how typical care and education all too often ‘are contrary to our beliefs and knowledge about how best to support children’s learning and develop- ment.’ It is truly a must read for all who care about children!” —C arol G arhart M ooney , early childhood educator and author , T heories of P ractice : R aising the S tandards of E arly C hildhood E ducation COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL