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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET xviii  |  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS who among other things is president of the Washington Association for the Education of Young Children. Even before knowing about this book, he shared intentions to launch a statewide conversation revolving around the issues raised by my previous book, Early Childhood Education for a New Era: Leading for Our Profes- sion. That, of course, made him a perfect person to serve as a reviewer. My deep appreciation as well to the book’s endorsers: Pam Winton, Paula Jorde Bloom, Laura Bornfreund, Matthew Melmed, Pat Snyder, Angèle Passe, Carol Garhart Mooney, and Gege Kreischer. What a stellar list of colleagues and endorsements! They represent the broad range of “interests”—policy, higher education, program administration, professional development, and children from birth to age eight— whose engagement with these conversations will be crucial to advancing ECE as a professional field of practice. Because of the tight publication time frame, my husband, Bruce, had to endure my being immersed in the book’s development for an intense period of time. As always, he was gracious, accepting, and supportive. Thank you, Bruce, and Dave and Sabra too and, of course, Maya, who brings us so much joy. I know I’m an incredibly lucky person. COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL