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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Acknowledgments for Second Edition Thanks to Kara Lomen for making this second edition the best it could be with her wonderful editing. Thanks to Sherry Nolte for her gentle and helpful editing and Jennifer Ikehara, Michelle Tancayo, Alexandra Domingo, Tamika Smiley, and other University of Hawaii Maui College students for sharing their stories of working with families Acknowledgments for First Edition Thanks to the following: •• Marjorie Schiller, who always thinks I am smarter than I am •• Eva Moravcik, who trusted my ego with her mighty red pen and made improvements to this book •• Roger and Bonnie Neugebauer, who believed I had something to say to my colleagues •• Stephanie Feeney, who taught me how to think about professional ethics •• Margarita Kay, who taught me to look at cultural context •• Betty Jones, who pushed me to improve my writing •• Nancy Burrows, who modeled the role teachers can play in improving parents’ competency •• Kay Rencken, who helped me find my professional voice •• Nancy Sergeant-​Abbate, who taught me how to collaborate with parents •• Beth Wallace, who stepped in at the eleventh hour and saw to it that this book was the best it could be •• Marcie Oltman, Jenny Hanlon, Natalie Dube, Louie Kolberg, Sarah Sivright, Sheila Williams-​Ridge, Kathy Zampier, Susan Knutson, Joel Creswell, Jacky Turchick, Rheta Kuwahara, Cheryl Takashige, and Doug Rowe, for sharing their stories of working with families •• All of the families of University of Hawaii at Manoa Children’s Center, Dodge Nature Preschool, Valley View Preschool, and Tucson Community School for sharing their children with me COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL ix