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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET MATH / CURRICULUM / STRATEGIES See and support the math already happening in children’s everyday lives Mathematizing provides teachers a proven, effective way of building children’s math and inquiry skills. The mathematizing approach is different from traditional math curriculums because it immerses children in a process that develops their understanding of math concepts in real-life, everyday contexts. Using child- centered learning, you will discover how to interpret children’s interests and use them as a catalyst for creating meaningful mathematical learning. This book is full of practical lessons, case studies, illustrations, documentation, and charts not available in other math-related books. It provides a framework and the tools for designing and implementing rich mathematical experiences. Recognize the math occurring in children’s lives every day and promote children’s math, language, and inquiry skills. Allen C. Rosales has over twenty years of experience as an early childhood educator. His work with teachers and professional-learning communities has won national and state recognition, awards, and grants that support the field in implementing and sustaining quality early childhood practices. Rosales is currently an early childhood and bilingual education instructor at Roosevelt University in Chicago, where he helps prepare the next generation of educators. ISBN 978-1-60554-395-6 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL $29.95