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8   Introduction DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET experiences to help children understand the mathematical relationships be- tween the concepts. After providing meaningful experiences related to the first photograph presented, a teacher can then revisit the tree with photographs taken from different angles. Incorporating this strategy benefits the children in that the new photographs reveal other mathematical concepts that the chil- dren can investigate and represent with materials. By supporting children’s experiences with this tree study, teachers can ensure the students’ work is • mathematically rich, • cognitively demanding, and • promotes worthwhile tasks that “build connections they have not already learned” (Featherstone et. al. 2011, 58). Figure i.12. First perspective Figure i.13. Second perspective Figure i.14. Third perspective Figure i.15. A five-​year-​old’s drawing of the exuberant tree with pastels COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL