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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET ACKNOWLEDGMENTS t his book would not be possible without the support, suggestions, and hard work of many people. I particularly want to acknowledge the many centers directors who have participated in the Directors’ Creden- tial learning community through Eager to Learn. Individually, and as a group, you encouraged the ideas that led up to the development of this book. Also, your enthusiasm for mentoring others and welcoming new staff members into the early childhood profession has been an inspiration throughout the development process. I also want to acknowledge, and profoundly thank, the hardworking team at Redleaf Press. This book was improved greatly by your guidance, edits, and patience. Thank you to Christine Zuchora-Walske, whose thoughtful editing made a huge difference in the final product. Equally, thank you to Laurie Herrmann and Kara Lomen, who were steadfastly dedicated to this project and provided valuable cheerleading and support. vii COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL