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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET OVERVIEW FOR MENTORS AND SUPERVISORS   xvii Frequently Asked Questions Before you begin mentoring others, review the following frequently asked questions about mentoring and orientation of new employees: 1. How long should orientation last? The regulations governing your program may require a spe- cific period of orientation before a new employee can work with young children. And the regulations may require that the orientation address specific topics before a new employee can work with young children. You must comply with your pro- gram’s requirements. The amount of time needed to complete the Early Childhood Staff Orientation Guide will vary among protégés. Reading speed, prior knowledge, and the number of interruptions all affect the rate of completion. Remember that orientation is not a race. Completing orientation quickly is not necessarily a good thing. Whenever possible, let new employ- ees work through the content at a comfortable pace that allows them to master the content (demonstrated by successful com- pletion of the “Check Your Learning” features). 2. How do I document completed orientation? You can file your protégé’s completed workbook, including notes and answers, as evidence of orientation and of the top- ics addressed. However, your regulatory agency may require a specific checklist or training certificate as evidence of orienta- tion. You must be aware of the requirements of your program and comply with any specific criteria. 3. Are there any topics missing from this orientation guide that I should be aware of? No orientation can or should cover every topic related to early childhood care and education. Addressing every aspect of working with young children would be overwhelming to a new employee. This guide makes every attempt to include topics that are essential to new teachers and topics frequently cited in related standards. Still, you should review the content COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL