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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET xiv   OVERVIEW FOR MENTORS AND SUPERVISORS asking teachers to reflect on their interests, goals, and needs observing teachers whenever possible to gather data about their needs making expectations clear to all communicating and providing information in various ways providing individual support in a manner best suited to the teacher Using This Guide The design of the Early Childhood Staff Orientation Guide anticipates many of the typical needs of protégés for knowledge and skills. The content is based on the standards mentioned earlier and the practices of high-quality early child- hood programs. In addition, several features are built into the guide to create opportunities for you to interact with your protégé and to individualize the orientation to meet his needs. Chapters The order of chapters in this guide represents a progression from general practices to specific ones. The first chapter introduces general concepts about young children’s development, and the chapters that follow discuss more spe- cific knowledge and skills about practices ranging from mealtimes to activity planning. Ideally, protégés progress through the chapters in order. However, you may sometimes need or want to alter the order in which a protégé completes the guide. For example, you may find that a protégé has a strong and immedi- ate need for information about children’s health and safety. Since each chap- ter can stand on its own, you could direct this protégé to start with chapter 2, “Protecting Children’s Health and Safety,” and then complete the remaining chapters. Regardless of the order in which you cover the content, encourage your protégé to read each chapter thoroughly and thoughtfully. Remember that reading speed will vary among individuals; avoid rushing protégés through the content. Set reasonable expectations in partnership with your protégé for the number of pages or sections to cover each day or each part of a day. COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL