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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET 28 • Part 1 Homemade Watercolors MATERIALS NEEDED: Powdered or liquid tempera paint Water Small containers (ones used for sauces in fast-food restaurants work well) PROCEDURE: Mix the powdered tempera paint with water, or use liquid tempera paint, and pour into the small containers.• Let the paint dry for several days until it is hard. Once paint is hard, use as watercolor paint. Homemade Bubbles MATERIALS NEEDED: Powdered tempera paint Water Liquid starch Liquid detergent Container with lid for bubble mixture Mixing spoons Measuring cups MIXTURE: 2 cups powdered tempera paint 1 cup water ½ cup liquid starch 1 cup liquid detergent Stir powdered tempera paint and water together until smooth. (Liquid tempera can be used as a substitute for this mixture.) Add liquid starch • and detergent and mix thoroughly. Add additional water if needed to • create consistency of thin liquid soap. PROCEDURE: Use bubble mixture as you would a store mixture. COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL