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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Painting • 27 Felt-Tip Pen Spray Painting MATERIALS NEEDED: Paper towels, coffee filters, or other absorbent paper Felt-tip pens of various colors Spray bottles filled with water PROCEDURE: Give each child a piece of absorbent paper. Have the children draw freely on the paper with felt-tip pens. Next, allow the children to spray water on their felt-tip pen drawings and see how the colors blend. Painting with Paste MATERIALS NEEDED: Matte board, cardboard, or other sturdy material Liquid tempera paint Paste Bowls Craft sticks Mixing spoons Measuring spoons Beads, bangles, sticks, rocks, shells, and other small objects (optional) MIXTURE (PER CHILD): 2 tablespoons liquid tempera paint 2 tablespoons paste Mix together 2 tablespoons of each color of paint with 2 tablespoons • paste in separate bowls. PROCEDURE: Have the children use craft sticks to paint the paint mixture onto their matte board or cardboard. The mixture of paste and paint will create a textured effect. Optional: Beads, bangles, sticks, rocks, shells, and other small objects can be added to the painting for a different textured effect. COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL